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I believe the Mongolian word явах ultimately derives from a verb meaning “to ride” (just means “to go” now).


Anonymous asked:

When is international mens day? Huh?



Sunday March 9th 2014 - Saturday March 7th 2015. 

The Summer Palace, Beijing, China.

As I explained below, I took some photos of people getting their photos taken because I was a bit bored. I’m really not sure what he was trying to do here in terms of a pose (booty tooch), but I was geeked that he turned his eyes on my camera just has as I hit the shutter. Although I was caught in the act, it made for a better photo.

Glamor Shot! 

The Summer Palace, Beijing, China.

At some point, you get REALLY REALLY bored of taking pictures of buildings but are too shy (or respectful? dunno) to take pictures of random locals with your big freaking camera. I’m sure you’re super bored of looking at my building photos too.

Because there were so many people at the Summer Palace taking pictures of other people, I took the opportunity to take pictures of them. I didn’t feel bad about these ones… I was like a sneaky-sneak.

There were some pretty cool selfies going on. This one above was pretty standard, but I wish I got the this one where I saw a lady setting up her tripod, set the camera on timer mode, go stand on a rock, and look wistfully toward the horizon… then ever so slightly back at her camera to see if it had taken the photo. It was a little bit awkward to watch, like you were looking at a private moment or something. I’ll need to try that one someday.

Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China.

Mao wasn’t nearly as fun to pose with as Lenin was. 

Happy Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah!) everyone!